"A kidnap? What are you? A cockney Al Qaeda?"
Will McKenzie

The Attack on Will McKenzie was a successful kidnapping and humiliation attempt by Will's co-workers after he unintentionally insulted them.

Background Edit

While on work experience, Will is given Neil's placement at a local garage. On the day. Will goes to the garage and is introduced to Jim, played by Cavan Clerkin. He is the boss of the Mechanics and introduces Will to Steve and Wolfie. Upon arriving at the garage, Will states that he is too clever to work in that sort of environment, this turns Jim against him.

He gives Will a list of items that he needs ie. tartan paint x2, bubbles for spirit, a reach around and a long wait while he is there (he really needs that one).

Attack Edit

Will proves he is too clever to be fooled, so the three workers offer to take Will out for a pint at the pub.

After the drink, Will apologizes and is thankful, only for them to grab Will and throw him into the boot of their car.

They drive up to a lake, Will tries to reason with them and begs to them about his "allergies". They throw him into the lake regardless, and Jim tells him "Wasn't expecting that was you, Mastermind?" and he'll see him tomorrow. They drive off, leaving Will soaking and half naked in the water. Will calls them bullies and plans to tell his mum.