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Home Alone
Season 3, Episode 17
Air date 11th October 2010
Written by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris
Directed by Ben Palmer
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Home Alone is the fifth episode of the third series of The Inbetweeners. It first aired on E4 on 11 October 2010.


After Jay's parents go out for a walk to the cemetery, Jay decides to masturbate but is put off after the family dog, Benji, keeps staring at him, with Jay believing he is "judging him".

At Will's house, while playing "shit Wii games", Will's mum (who is sharply commanded by Will not to play Wii Tennis, so Jay and Neil cannot enjoy her bouncing breasts) says she is going to the Cotswolds for a weekend with an old college friend, Fergus, who she reconnected with via Facebook.

The other boys take this as good news as they can now masturbate over Will's mum and have a party at Will's. At the same time, Jay and Neil vandalise a floral display on the village roundabout (transforming "WELCOME TO OUR VILLAGE" into "WE CUM TIT VILLAGE"). At school, Mr Gilbert, believing Will to know who is responsible, orders him to find out or else he will "fuck up" Will's UCAS application. Will quickly discovers it was Jay and Neil but does not grass them up. Jay asks if he can stay at Will's so he can masturbate in peace, but Will refuses, instead inviting Simon, though he cannot attend due to a father-son golf tournament. Neil though does come over. He, and later Jay, who invites himself in through the open front door, become a burden for Will who cannot handle their crude behaviour and destruction of his possessions.

Jay and Neil take Will on a "Pussay Patrol," driving around the estate in Jay's Mum's Nissan Micra very slowly trying to impress girls. A squirrel provokes Jay into running it over, which he soon regrets upon seeing it. When they get back, they find Simon in the kitchen (who invited himself in through the open back door). After ordering a crate of Fosters Lager, the boys vandalise Will's Facebook page, block the toilet and deadhead his daffodils with Simon's golf clubs. On a walk around the neighbourhood, the boys vandalise the daffodils in another garden with Simon's clubs. Will, although ashamed, has a go himself and, after admitting he enjoyed it, attacks the daffodils again but this time, they are spotted by the resident and run off into the night.

Back at Will's house, all the boys get drunk and, Jay and Neil (after the former finds a rolling pin that he thinks is "Will's mum's vibrator") go upstairs to masturbate while Simon and Will play Pro Evolution Soccer.

The next morning, Will and Simon are awoken by a loud banging at the front door and Simon is late for his golf game. Will looks out of the window and sees the man whose garden they vandalised at the door. He goes around the back of the house and spots Neil through the kitchen window. Will, Simon and Neil retreat back to the living room. At that time, Mrs Springett, Will's neighbour, opens the door to check on them, but Will kicks the door shut in her face (later discovering he broke her nose). Will talks to the man through the living room window before closing the curtains to try and make him go away, but this makes the man angrier. At that time, a distraught Jay walks in and reveals a text from his dad informing him that Benji has been put down. This is because Jay had told his dad that Benji had defecated in the house, hoping to keep Benji outside and being able to masturbate in peace, which his dad has misinterpreted as Benji becoming ill.

Unfortunately for Will, his mum returns from her weekend with Fergus and is informed of the events of the previous night and the morning by the man and an injured Mrs Springett.

In the closing narration, Will reveals that Fergus dumped Polly shortly afterwards, claiming he couldn't be dealing with a "problem child".


Actor Role
Simon Bird Will McKenzie
Joe Thomas Simon Cooper
James Buckley Jay Cartwright
Blake Harrison Neil Sutherland
Greg Davies Mr. Gilbert
David Schaal Mr. Cartwright
Victoria Willing Mrs. Cartwright
Belinda Stewart-Wilson Polly McKenzie
Mark Roper Neighbour


  • According to E4, this episode is the most watched episode on E4.