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John Kennedy
Mr kenndy.jpg
Mr. Kennedy as he appears in Series 3.

Portrayed By:

Waen Shepherd

Created By:

Damon Beesley and Iain Morris

First Appearance:

The Field Trip

Last Appearance

The Fashion Show

Other Names

Paedo Kennedy

"He was caught in the music cupboard wanking over the school orchestra."
―Simon Cooper, describing Mr. Kennedy

John Kennedy (born August 14, 1973) is a Geography teacher at Rudge Park who is alleged to be a paedophile. According to Simon, he was once caught in the school's music cupboard "wanking over the school orchestra". He made his debut in The Field Trip. While in Swanage, he took Neil "skinny dipping" and bought him a bottle of vodka from the off-licence. Later that night he enters the boys' bedroom and inappropriately massages Neil's legs. Mr. Gilbert walks in and escorts Mr. Kennedy out.

He is seen again in The Fashion Show at the end of the episode, helping the models getting dressed. Neil was also helping the models dress, and Kennedy tries to undress Neil (despite the fact the show ended 10 minutes earlier). Mr. Gilbert arrives and escorts Mr. Kennedy outside, saying "I'm putting my fucking neck on the line for you, John." It is unknown if he still works at the school after this as he does not appear again.



  • Besides the incidents mentioned above, a staff meeting in the Rudge Park Yearbook cites numerous incidents of Mr. Gilbert telling Mr. Kennedy to be quiet when he mentions issues relating to his sexual orientation. This could be due to the fact that they are friends, or the most likely explanation is that Mr. Gilbert wants to protect the school from bad publicity.