"Could you stop staring at my tits please?"

Katie Sutherland
Katie Sutherland
Katie Sutherland in the A Night Out in London episode.


2, 3

Appeared in

3 episodes

First seem

Night Out in London

Last seen

Will's Dilemma


Kevin Sutherland (Father)
Neil Sutherland (Brother)
Mrs. Sutherland (Grandmother)



Portrayed by

Kacey Barnfield

Katie Sutherland is a recurring character in the second and third seasons. She is played by guest star Kacey Barnfield and debuts in "A Night Out in London". Katie is Neil's attractive elder sister who currently lives at home with the Sutherlands, along with her unseen boyfriend. According to Jay she is a huge slut.


Series 2Edit

Katie appears briefly in the episode A Night Out in London, appearing at the door when the boys come to get Neil. She asks Jay to stop staring at her tits.

Series 3Edit

Katie makes a very minor appearance in series 3 in the episode, Will's Dilemma. She is seen ironing her father Kevin Sutherland's trousers during Neil's 18th birthday party. She also makes a judgement on the dress code for Simon and Will, and later reprimands Will about the way he was dressed for the party.