Appeared in

"Will's Dilemma"



Portrayed by:

Abbey Mordue

Kerry is a minor character in the third season. She is played by guest star Abbey Mordue and only appears in "Will's Dilemma". Kerry is a friend of Tara who was paired up with Will on a double date which is the main theme of the episode 'Will's Dilemma' in series 3.


Prompted by Tara, Simon arranged for Will to go on a double date with Kerry. At first Will was not keen; however when Simon acknowledged that Kerry had given blow-jobs to her last boyfriends Will agreed to go along. However upon meeting her Will is put off by her towering height and boring personality. After walking him home, Kerry kissed Will on his doorstep (despite him trying to politely get rid of her), afterwards she posted on Facebook that her and Will are in a relationship. In spite of wanting a blow-job Will decides to make it clear to Kerry that they were never in a relationship and does so at Neil's 18th birthday party. Kerry takes the news badly, sobbing profusely and lies to all the party guests that Will tried to have sex with her and dumped her because of her size. Tara tells Will that Kerry's father had died the month before; something that Simon did not mention. This revelation causes all the guests to take Kerry's side (instead of Will's) and Will is ordered to leave the party by Neil's father Kevin, who reports the incident to Polly McKenzie and Will is grounded for 3 weeks. The following day Neil reveals that Kerry gave him a blowjob after the party finished. Kerry is not seen or mentioned again after this episode.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Kerry is a very tall girl; standing at over 6ft. Kerry comes across as boring and rather slow. For example on commenting that the liked Will's glasses, she asked: "do you need them to see better?”. In Will's words "Kerry hands out blow-jobs like they are going out of fashion". This quite rightly suggests that Kerry is relatively 'easy' as before she started crying she offered Will a blow-job, which he refused. Her loneliness and desperation for male attention combined with the recently death of her father caused her to start crying in front of all the party guests. She then proceeds to lie (instead of telling the truth) to Tara and the other guests that Will tried to use her for sex and then dumped her because of her size. This would show that has the ability to be very manipulative, despicable and will use even the death of her own father as a tool to gain some sort of advantage. However, as she was highly emotional at the time, it's unclear if this was reflective of her personality as a whole.