Portrayed By:

Jessica Knappett

Created By:

Damon Beesley
Iain Morris

Appeared in:

The Inbetweeners Movie

Lisa was one of the girls that appeared in The Inbetweeners Movie.

The Inbetweeners MovieEdit

Lisa is first seen on the tourbus along with her friends Alison, Lucy and Jane. When the boys and the girls see each other in the same empty nightclub, Neil dances over to them, followed by Will and Simon. Neil sits with Lisa, but the two don't talk. Instead, Neil invites Lisa to dance with him, but this backfires when Neil starts dancing with two old women, leaving Lisa feeling rejected. At the pool, Neil and Lisa go swimming together, but because Neil was wearing white underwear instead of swimmers, his privates are put on full display, embarrassing everyone involved.

The next night, the boys and the girls meet up for drinks, but Neil rejects Lisa again for some old tart. Jane then suggests that they all go skinny-dipping. Lisa is the first to go.

The next day on the boat party, Lisa sees Neil about to give Richard's mum a kiss, so she steps in and says her first line of dialogue: "Back off bitch! Not this time!" Neil and Lisa then awkwardly dry-hump, but Lisa feels bad making Neil go behind his girlfriend's back. Neil then admits that his girlfriend dumped him before he arrived in Malia and that they could probably go all the way. The two are later seen dry-humping again with more vigour.

At the end of the film, Neil and Lisa arrive back in England and Neil starts taking pictures, but one of the pictures includes Nicole, his ex, right behind him. Neil then takes Lisa away in an uncomfortable fashion, implying that he hadn't really been dumped.

Neil mentions to Will and Simon in a deleted scene of the second movie that he and Lisa are no longer together. He also claims that "to be honest she was too thick for me"; which ever one of them did the dumping is unknown-but it was most likely Lisa as Neil reveals that he still looks at images of her on his phone when Simon asks about her.


Lisa is like a female version of Neil: simple, easy-going and has a sense of ethics when it comes to cheating. She rarely speaks and seems to like Neil a whole lot, as she was visibly crestfallen whenever Neil blew her off.


Lisa bears a striking resemblance to Neil, both are tall, thin, have dark hair similar facial expressions. Lisa tends to wear her hair back and dresses the most feminine out of all the girls.