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Mark Donovan, played by Henry Lloyd-Hughes, is the school bully of Rudge Park Comprehensive.


Character History[]

Series 1[]

At heart, Mark is vile, ruthless and cold-hearted. Whenever he picks on others sometimes he does it with joy, but other times he does it with anger. He is the school bully and juvenile delinquent who often picks on Will. This is partly because he caught Will kissing his ex-girlfriend Charlotte. Donovan is somewhat sensitive, ensuring that Will is "gentle" with Charlotte and becoming aggressive towards exchange student Patrice when he's caught in bed with Charlotte.


Series 2[]

He is the stereotypical bully, who is polite and friendly in front of parents or teachers. When he reveals his sensitive side to Will, he threatens him with death if he speaks of it. He appears to be less hostile (yet by no means friendlier) towards Jay, Simon and Neil.

Series 3[]

In Series 3, it is revealed that Mark smokes cannabis. Jay and Neil attempt to buy some off him upon learning of this, only for him to take the money and give them tea granules wrapped in cling film. He was mentioned in the third episode when Donovan attacked Neil in detention, pinned him down and drew penises on Neil's wrist cast.

The Inbetweeners Movie[]

Donovan reappears in the film, after Mr Gilbert's speech, where he says goodbye to the lads, whom he calls the "bender squad". He then proceeds to give Will an extremely painful wedgie, until Carli tells him to stop. In the deleted scenes, the wedgie is performed with such extreme force the underwear used for the wedgie is torn off of Will. He was meant to follow the boys to Greece, but the producers couldn't fit it into the story, so Donovan's role was significantly cut down.


  • He is only seen attacking someone in the deleted scene of episode one of series one, where he is forcing a badge down David's mouth, although this footage was shown very briefly at the end of First Day.