Polly McKenzie
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Portrayed By:

Belinda Stewart Wilson

Created By:

Damon Beesley and Iain Morris

First seen:

First Day

Last seen:

The Inbetweeners 2


Will McKenzie (son)
Phil Gilbert (fiancé)
Mr. McKenzie (Ex-Husband)

Polly "MILF" McKenzie is Will's mother who is a sexual idol to many of the students of Rudge Park.

In The Inbetweeners 2, Polly becomes engaged to Will's former head of sixth form Mr. Gilbert.



She is Will McKenzie's attractive mother, who several of his classmates have stated their attraction to. Although she has financial problems, she attributes their house and school move to bullying. She's very protective of Will, almost to the point of fanatasicm, mentioning things that are obviously embarrassing for poor Will. Polly is fairly oblivious to the goings-on in Will's personal life, including crucial things like the fact that Mark Donovan threatened to kill Will. She also doesn't seem to realise the effect she has on teenage boys, with the exception of Patrice, whom she shamelessly flirts with.


Will's mum appears noticeably younger than the other mums. She has wavy black hair, green eyes, and tends to wear clothing that shows off her curvaceous figure and is about 5ft 8

Character HistoryEdit

Series 1Edit

Polly is first seen collecting Will from school, where Simon Cooper, Jay Cartwright and Neil Sutherland ask him sexual questions and they all agree that she's fit. She also collects Will from the pub, where Mark Donovan says the same as the other three did earlier.

Series 2Edit

Series 3Edit

Polly goes to the Cotswolds with Fergus. It is thought they engage in sexual acts by Jay and Neil. When she returns, she sees Mrs. Springett with a bloodied nose and sees her neighbour who's garden the boys vandalised the previous night and Fergus dumps her immediately. This is her only shown relationship throughout the series.


  • Polly was only involved in one relationship throughout the course of the show, and that was Fergus in her last appearance.
  • Jay and Neil once found an erotic youth magazine that had a model in it which they said looks exactly like Will's mum. When they show it to Will, he appears thoroughly shocked. It's never revealed what Polly does for a living.


Polly is a recurring character on the show and has appeared in the following episodes;