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Tara Brown, played by Hannah Tointon, is a secondary character in the E4 comedy show, The Inbetweeners.


Tara is in the year below the four main characters and becomes a girlfriend for Simon Cooper, although she is not accepted by the other three boys, and is frequently annoyed when she thinks she is going to be alone with Simon and the other three appear. When she is mentioned by Simon, Jay and Neil make a beeping noise. Tara also appeared in a spin-off called “The Inbetweeners get inbetween some teens”

Series 3[]

She becomes Simon's girlfriend in the episode The Gig and the Girlfriend, when she and the boys go to a concert and get high on cannabis. They all go out the back and smoke cannabis and Tara enjoys it. She gets injured while 'moshing' (Simon pushed her over, but he never admits it) and ends up feeling faint and queasy - telling Simon she doesn't feel well and is going to be sick.

While Simon is tending to her, she leans in for a kiss, but, as she does so, she retches and is sick violently over the floor, Simon and herself. The two do kiss and touch each other (Simon touches her breasts, she touches his penis), but she has to stop to vomit everywhere again and rush off to the toilets. She didn't make it and is sick again, but Will rushes over in panic at the drugs. Simon is preoccupied with Tara who - still feeling ill - has thrown up everywhere again so Simon is "licking vomit off her tonsils" as Will puts it.

In the next episode, Tara hooks Will McKenzie with her friend Kerry and they all go to Waterside Shopping Centre. Here, Tara manages to convince Simon to dress in garish attire, despite his protests, and later accompanies Simon to see her parents - a visit that goes badly when her father discovers a "honk if you want a blowjob" sticker on Simon's car. The following day, Tara comforts Kerry after Will breaks up with her.

In the next episode, Trip to Warwick, while over at Simon's house and after a passionate session of amorous snogging, canoodling and touching (Tara runs her hands down Simon's trousers and he touches her breasts), Tara says she is ready to have sex and they go to Warwick to visit Tara's sister and have sex at her place. Later, after making out in the kitchen, Simon and Tara are both naked and kissing amorously upstairs in bed and the time has come for them to have sex but he he is struggling to get an erection and uselessly asks Tara to put the condom on him with her mouth. This fails as Simon's recent bout of masturbation has sabotaged his ability to get an erection. In the other room, an extremely drunk Jay continues talking about how Sneezy Heike With The Vagina wants to have sex with him. To get some quiet, Will sends Jay to ask her for it, which he unexpectedly did. However, Will's peace is short-lived, as Neil, most likely due to drinking the orangeade, is pissing uncontrollably in bed, covering Will in his green urine.

Jay has scared Sophie and Heike by drunkenly asking them both for sex in a three-way, which Sophie furiously rebukes. Back in Simon and Tara's room, Simon has become more angrier with his flaccid penis that he has resorted to snapping at it and slapping it to get an erection which scares Tara. She runs out of the room into Sophie's arms and is closely followed by a naked Simon who has almost succeeded in getting an erection but has just revealed all of himself to everyone in the flat. All four of the boys are sent out as Sophie threatens to call the police on them, so they are forced to spend the night in Simon's car naked.

The following morning, on the way home, Simon receives a text from Tara telling him to never contact her again whilst a hungover Jay is profusely vomiting into a brown paper bag.


She was In a relationship with Simon Cooper From Season 3 Episode 2 - The Gig and The Girlfriend To Season 3 Episode 4, A Trip to Warwick.


  • Hannah Tointon, the actress who portrays Tara, is the real life partner and engaged to Joe Thomas, who plays Simon.

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