The Gig and the Girlfriend
Season 3, Episode 14
Air date 20th September 2010
Written by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris
Directed by Ben Palmer
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The Gig and the Girlfriend is the second episode of the third series of The Inbetweeners. It first aired on September 20th, 2010 on E4.


In an attempt to woo an attractive girl from the year below (Tara), Simon agrees to go with her to see Failsafe at a pub. Simon however further tries to impress Tara by telling her he will bring cannabis to the concert. In another one of his lies, Jay claims he can get drugs anytime from his dealer. When Simon asks Jay for some cannabis, Jay tells him that his dealer has gone to Afghanistan to get harder drugs, despite having told Simon 15 minutes ago that he could easily get hold of drugs. In order to regain his friends trust after his string of lies in the past series, Jay goes to Donovan for some weed, but is given tea and accepts it out of fear.

As a subplot, Will and Simon stop believing Jay's "bullshit claims" after his dad rumbles one of his stories about having sex in a caravan (which does not actually happen, "Jay gets it on with the cushion"). Featuring a special guest appearance by rock band Failsafe.


Actor Role
Simon Bird Will McKenzie
Joe Thomas Simon Cooper
James Buckley Jay Cartwright
Blake Harrison Neil Sutherland
David Schaal Mr Cartwright
Emily Head Carli
Henry Lloyd-Hughes Mark Donovan
Martin Trenaman Mr. Cooper
Hannah Tointon Tara
Belinda Stewart-Wilson Polly MacKenzie
Doc Brown Steve
Ben Homewood Paramedic