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An Introduction

Administrators are users that are entrusted by the community to watch over the Wiki. They can usually be seen undoing vandalism, watching the Recent Changes and helping the community in general. Users are reminded that being an administrator is not a big deal and administrators are now better than anyone else.

What can Administrators do?

Administrators are given some extra tools to assist with the welfare and development of the Wiki. Below is a list of said extra tools:

  • Ability to block users.
  • Ability to add/alter user rights.
  • Prevent blocked users from creating a new account or using their IP address on the Wiki.
  • By default, they have the ability to quickly revert edits.
  • Edit protected pages and protect certain pages.

What are Bureaucrats?

Bureaucrats are administrators who have been given that little step further. Bureaucrats have the ability to promote others to become Administrators and Bureaucrats. Alongside this, once the Administrator is given this extra right, it cannot be removed unless the user themselves removes it.

What is "blocking"?

When a user is blocked, it means that they cannot edit the Wiki for some period of time. The common cause of this is vandalism. Administrators should use their blocking tool as a last resort and it's advised to give the user a warning first except in some circumstances. Administrators may use their own discretion to decide which circumstances deserve a warning. There are also other options with blocks which can include blocking their IP address', preventing account creation and preventing them from editing their own talkpage.

Protecting pages

When an Administrator protects a page, it means they can stop users (who are not of a certain access level) from editing. This can be due to many reasons and this extra tool should not be abused. It should not be used for example; protecting a page to prevent someone from adding information because that particular administrator doesn't like it but that content is perfectly acceptable. This would class as severe misconduct and could result in an instant demotion/demotion forum.

How do I become an Administrator?

Users are encouraged to apply to be an Administrator after they have been known to the community for a while and understand how the Wiki works. This will help prevent mistakes and unjustified blocks. Users are also advised to have been editing the Wiki for a while. 

Users may apply to become an administrator here: Requests for Administration Rights.

Our Administrators

Administrators and Access Levels

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Quagzilla Active, Administrator
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