Will's Birthday
Season 2, Episode 9
Air date 16th April 2009
Written by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris
Directed by Ben Palmer
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Will's Birthday is the third episode of the second series of The Inbetweeners. It first aired on April 16th, 2009 on E4.


Jay steals a flyer for a "sexy" party being held by Louise Graham from their school and the boys decide to go. However, the party clashes with Will's sophisticated birthday dinner and Will eventually persuades the others that his dinner is more important. The boys all attempt to get a date for Will's dinner, but everyone seems to be going to this party being held, with Will's love interest Charlotte rejecting his dinner. Simon introduces his French "friend" Patrice (played by Vladimir Consigny) that he has to look after for a while, and Will's mum takes a particular shine to him. Will's birthday comes and his present from his mum is a black vest that his mum thinks looks cool.

The day doesn't get much better as his dinner comes along and there isn't a female in sight. After being branded “paedophiles” by a group of drunk underage girls and finding an angry stripper on the doorstep, Will agrees maybe going to Louise's party is better than nothing. The boys are denied entry to the party with the exception of Patrice, who abandons the group without a second thought. The Inbetweeners bar Will decide to climb the fence, with Will deciding to crawl under the fence (crawling through dog poop in the process.) Having to take his jacket off, he is revealed to be wearing his black vest and gets ridiculed by many people at the party for doing so.

Will then gets a shock when he finds Patrice and Charlotte about to have sex, causing him to leave heartbroken. With the other boys not having any luck either, the group decides to just cut their losses and leave. Turning to go the boy's see Donovan (who had just turned up) standing menacingly behind Will, no doubt looking for Charlotte. A vengeful Will happily tells Mark where to find her (knowing full well that Patrice will be on the receiving end of Donovan's wrath). Will is then ordered to leave by Donovan and happily obliges along with the rest of the group. With this the Inbetweeners get their long-awaited revenge on Patrice and just as he left them on the doorstep, they in-turn abandon him to his fate. A narration comment made by Will indicated that shortly after leaving Mark beat Patrice up very badly, thus presumably ruining Louise's party and lost all of her popularity. Will considered it his best gift that year!

After leaving the group are granted a brief respite from their misfortune. Though Simon displays not much concern about what Donovan might do, the others (especially Will) couldn't careless, given everything Patrice has said and put them through. Despite this, the group manages to crack a smile and the mood is soon lightened as they make jokes about Will's sex life (or rather lack of it) and Neil's Dad's sexuality. Now slightly cheered up they decide to go back to Will's and spend the night playing video games.

Unfortunately, just as things are starting to look up, their happiness proves to be short-lived. For at that moment, they are again spotted by the group of drunk young girls Patrice tried to chat up, who have not forgotten their previous encounter. As promised they send their older brother running after the group armed with a cricket bat. As the Inbetweeners run for their lives, Will laments that "This is the tin hat" and ends the live-action sequence by declaring this the "Worst birthday ever!"

Just before the credits roll, Will reflects back on the events of the episode. He says with that incident his birthday or "Dog s**t, singlet heartbreak day as [he's] now come to think of it, was over and its fair to say it hadn't been the best". Never the less he admits that he has learnt one very important life lesson from all this, which is "If you go round to Neil's don't play with his Lego!"


Actor Role
Simon Bird Will McKenzie
Joe Thomas Simon Cooper
James Buckley Jay Cartwright
Blake Harrison Neil Sutherland
Vladimir Consigny Patrice
Belinda Stewart-Wilson Polly McKenzie
Robin Weaver Pamela Cooper
Victoria Willing Mrs. Cartwright
Jessica Harris Michelle
Isabella Laughland Louise Graham
Emily Head Carli D'Amato
Emily Attack Charlotte Hinchcliffe
Henry Lloyd-Hughes Mark Donovan