Xmas Party
Season 1, Episode 6
Christmas prom
Air date 29th May 2008
Written by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris
Directed by Gordon Anderson
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Xmas Party is the sixth episode of the first series of The Inbetweeners. It first aired on May 29th, 2008 on E4.


It’s the end of Will’s first term and he has been elected as chairman for the Christmas party committee - mostly due to the fact he was the only one to apply. He also manages to rope Simon, Jay and Neil into helping him. At the party, Simon attempts to woo Carli, but when he goes to declare his love of her - with all eyes at the party on him - he fails to get the words out. Luckily, everyone is distracted from Simon making a fool of himself when a drunk Neil attempts to kiss the Biology teacher Miss Timms. Donovan then appears and tries to get revenge on Will after seeing him talking to - and kissing - Charlotte, but everyone at the party tells Donovan to leave Will alone, saying he has organised a good party. Donovan sees Charlotte giving him a dirty look and goes after her, and Will attempts to say a thank you speech - only to be ignored as the party continues. It was presumed that Donovan was in serious trouble for this. The party ends and the boys reflect on the past term on a trampoline in the gym. Jay then appears and tells the boys he has just received a blowjob in the DJ booth. He then caves in and admits it was a only a handjob "outside of the trousers" and after a bit of gentle teasing, he dives on the rest of the boys and the gang end the term play fighting on the trampoline.


Actor Role
Simon Bird Will McKenzie
Joe Thomas Simon Cooper
James Buckley Jay Cartwright
Blake Harrison Neil Sutherland
Emily Head Carli D'Amato
Greg Davies Mr. Gilbert
Emily Atack Charlotte Hinchcliffe
Martin Trenaman Mr. Cooper
Ash Varrez Mr. Sethi
John Seaward Big John
Amanda St John Miss Timbs
Jo Maycock Samantha
Henry Lloyd-Hughes Mark Donovan
Ollie Holme Tom